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All My Broken Pieces

All My Broken Pieces - Hollis Shiloh Timothy (Tim) Nichols is a slightly deformed shifter working with the police department for the last ten years. He's content with his life even if it means being ridiculed by his coworkers and barely making ends meet. That changes when Aaron Knowlton, an observer from shifter and partner program, arrives to evaluate the department Tim is employed by. The evaluation doesn't go well for the department and Tim has to become certified.

The night before Tim's to arrive at the facility for the program he decides to scratch an itch. He picks up, Levi Cardwell, the two have quite a lovely time together. When they part way Tim doesn't expect the two to meet again. Unbeknownst to the two is that they're both enrolled for the same certification program. Tim thinks he knows how to handle the awkward surprise. Levi has his own thoughts on the situation and how he'll like to handle it.

I thought this was quite a cute read. I loved Tim for being so straightforward. He made me laugh so hard when approached Levi and said what he did. Levi's reaction was pretty priceless. Tim's self image and confidence were will portrayed and it was a feeling we all have felt at one time in our life.

I was glad seeing Tim having such a great support team composed of Levi and Kieran. I also like that total strangers he came across were more than willing to accept him as he was.

The PT portion towards the end made me feel said for Tim. I could understand the amount of pain he was in and could really relate to him. It made me cry a little and I enjoyed it immensely.

A free copy was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.