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Splinter - E.  Davies Nicolas (Nico) Rogers is a park ranger enjoys living a sedate life away from society. After a successfully short career as a astronaut due to injury he's finally found something that suits him. In comes Deen Jayse, a popular and well loved rock star, trying to keep on the down low following a scandal that could have blown up in his face. The attraction between the two is immediate and electric. While Nico is interested he wants to keep his distance knowing Deen's type and frankly he doesn't want to risk getting hurt emotionally. Add to the fact that he has a job to do and an arsonist to catch. Deen would love nothing more than to pursue things with Nico, but knows he shouldn't. There's a reason he's spending time in the Smokies and it isn't to pick up sexy park rangers and have his wicked way with them.

A great start to a new series and everything you expect from the first in the series. It had a good skeletal structure introducing Nico and through him his five significant brothers: Roman, Blane, Dustin, Josh and and Tyler and explains the series title. I enjoyed getting to know Nico and Deen and seeing their interaction together. I wish there had been more details on the significant brothers but am looking forward to seeing each story.

An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.