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The Prince and the Omega

The Prince and the Omega - Penelope Peters There was a very Harlequinn-ish feel to this story. On one occasion it felt very repetitive (the part where Rowan knows he’s pregnant and the part where he admits he’s pregnant). I felt the characters (Rowan, Gus, Amelia and Celia) were all oblivious and dense. I can’t believe none of them ever confronted/teased/addressed the each other on their apparent crushes/unrequited feelings. It was a bit of a love square of a mess. That being said, it was a fun read to pass the time. It played out a bit like a Disney fairy tale. The MC’s meet, circumstances and duty get in their way, they can’t be together but are thrown together, the villain shows them self and finally the MC’s succumb to fate.

An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.