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Homecoming - N.M. Harris Jack Burns is home for good after his 4 year tour in the army. Expecting, his bestfriend,Elliot Talbott, to be there to greet him at arrival. He's not altogether shocked he isn't although he had hoped. With Elliot not being there Jack stops over at Elliot's home only to find a cryptic note and business cards inscripted with both Jack and Elliot's surname. The business cards are for a business providing investigation service. It's the voice message from Elliot that has Jack rushing to find Elliot.

For such a short story I think the author did a great job with packing enough details into the story to allow readers to get a read of what the story was about, the relationship between Elliot and Jack, abd their personalities without overwhelming readers.

A free copy was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.