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Dying to Live: The Shifter City Complete Series

Dying to Live: The Shifter City Complete Series - Liam Kingsley [b:Burning Transgressions|35617639|Burning Transgressions (Shifter City Book 1)|Liam Kingsley|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1499443435s/35617639.jpg|57060960], Book 1 in the series focuses on Logan and the small pack he is part of. The leader of the pack is homophobic and he finds out Logan and another male pack member want to engage in sexual acts together it'll be trouble. Mariella is the only female in the pack and the leaders lover. Both Ade smart and know how to handle the pack leader. Unbeknownst to them is that once a male accepts the semen of another it causes them to undergo reproductive change. When Logan collapses after a night of passion, his one night stand/packmate puts him in bed and hopes he'll be better when daylight comes. Things get a little finicky in the light of day and the pack leader kicks an unconscious Logan out of the pack. Mariella takes a stand and also chooses to leave and stay with Logan to get them to people who maybe able to help.

Regis Thyme is a facility all wild shifters know to stay away from. Rumor has it that those who have gone there have never been seen again. More or less its practically prison and a death sentence.

Marielle takes an unconscious Logan (and the rest of the pack decided to leave) to Regis Thyme to get help for Logan and soon find out there's more to the rumor than they thought.

A good start to the series. I liked learning about these shifters, the difference between the outsider/wild shifters and those living in Regis Thyme, and the different phases of mutation. Logan was a hard character to get use to but I did and I liked that Hail, his love interest and a medic of Regis Thyme, managed to ground the wild and destructive Logan.

That being said the books did get a bit disjointed, making it somewhat confusing at times. Things were happening off page and readers didn't get to see the discussions and plans resulting in said scenarios making it confusing. A good example of this is the part were Logan loyalty was tested. Readers knew that Mariella was planning to figure out who was leaking info to George (their old pack leader) but not how and when. So when it happened it was kind of a "what the hell is happening?" and it was hard understanding the reasoning behind the action even though it was foreshadowed that Mariella had a plan to weed out the traitor. I still have questions in concerns to the traitors reasoning for leaking info and how he did it.

Dying to Live, Book 2 takes place a year after the first book and focuses on two new characters, Killian and Pan. Killian and Pan both have a crush on each other and it's been a long standing one. This series must be read in order so if you haven't read book 1 I recommend that you do. Neither realizes the other has feelings for the other and are too afraid to act on it. Killian is like the head teacher and organizer of the only school in Regis Thyme. Pan is pretty much everyone's favorite hair dresser.

During a fiasco at school Killian gets injured by one of his adolescent students. Instead of seeking aid for the horrible wound he decided to handle the the issue with the student and their parent. He only seeks help when his health takes a turn for the worse. But he's a little too late and ends up collapsing on Pan who ends up dragging him off to the hospital.

I'll just skip to the point. It turns out Killian has a new mutagen introduced into his system and it's causing his DNA to mutate again. He'll be a new type of wolf shifter entering the third phase (something no one in Regis Thyme has experienced as of yet). Although Killian has his own theories about it and how it correlates with the news coverage he's been keeping up on about the outside world. Pan also ends up getting the virus that pushes him into the third phase. Killian doesn't help either by accidentally causing him to go through the second phase consecutively.

Things go a bit to hell when Pan in pain manages to escape the facility and Killian gives chase to bring him back. The two discover a new enemy.

An intriguing development with the shifter mutation. Killian was a likable character but Pan was harder to like for me. He was quite childish and his rash behavior irritated me. I felt like the author created a faux pas when Hail was taken from Logan. Up to that point in the story I was more or less liking the story when Hail died that was pretty much the turning point. I just didn't want to read the book anymore. I mean it had been a year since Hail and Logan got together and Logan got pregnant. Hail was taken before the babies were born. I felt like the author hated Logan and Hail and didn't want Logan to have a HEA story. I'm going to say it now that the series would become a really tough read with the direction it took and I don't know if there was to be more I would even bother giving it a read.

Killian's dreams also didn't help in making the decision. I just thought it was strange and could be confusing if I hadn't been as attentive as I was when reading.

An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.