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Debut - Casey Ashwood Ryan Winter's is a father of two and still hasn't completely moved on from the death of his wife. Before the death of his wife he had a few published stories. Now he's looking forward to picking up writing again to help make ends meet and have more time for his kids.

Jett Rose is a successful author of both hetero and homosexual stories. He is well off and happy with his bachelor life but can't help to think he might be missing out with the sort of lifestyle he's been living. When Jett sets eyes on Ryan during a writer workshop he set up, he feels drawn to Ryan. The feeling is so strong he makes an offer of mentorship to Ryan, something he wouldn't normally do. Putting the two in close contact with each other.

The story was a very simple and easy read with no dire complications among the characters. Readers get to follow along as Ryan becomes more open about his sexuality and moving on with his life. In Jett's case we get to see him grow up a little from the Bachelor lifestyle and pursuing what seems to be his first serious relationship. How he takes on Ryan's kids and win them over.

An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.