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Textual Relations

Textual Relations - Cate Ashwood Henry Hathaway is psychologist that likes routine. On his 32nd birthday he's doing what he routinely does since his 21st birthday, which is get his teeth cleaned by the dentist and have a meal with his brother. While out with his brother, he receives a text from a stranger confirming a date. Knowing the stranger didn't get the text Henry decides to go meet the her and let her know what happened.

Henry does't expect the stranger to be a guy named Asher Wescott. When Asher invites him to have a drink to thank him for his kindness Henry sees no reason to decline. The two end up having a nice time together. Then Asher kisses Henry at the end of the night and throws Henry into a bit of a loop. Henry isn't gay and being socially inept doesn't really know how to handle the situation when Asher calls.

I thought this was a cute read albeit rushed. The cute meet was on point and I loved it. Henry came to terms with his sexuality quicker than I expected him to. I enjoyed seeing Henry and Asher's reaction to each other and how much change they brought into each other's life.

An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.