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Afternoon Americano (Coffee Boys Book 3)

Afternoon Americano (Coffee Boys Book 3) - Becca Brant Vincent McAlister is a successful gay romance author. He's poured pretty much all his free time into making a career of it. So his friend sets him up on a blind date. He doesn't expect his blind date to be a guy and he definitely doesn't expect to feel attraction since he's straight.

At first glance Skye definitely approvals of Vincent as his blind date but is disappointed that Vincent is straight. But he can definitely use more friends. Neither want to go home to dinner alone so the two choose to hang out on blind date turn not date.

The two have a great time together and before they know it an offer is made and accepted and the two part way. Until Vincent's best friend asks him to help him hook the new guy at work who turns out to be Skye.

It was an easy read with not a lot of angst or drama. It was nice and the characters were all likable. I felt like the read just flew by even though it was twenty-six chapters. There were some very minor grammar issues but otherwise enjoyable.

I feel I have to mention it was a little weird that the only character who had a last name was Vincent. Landon , Skye, Beth, etc last names were never mentioned.I, at least, expected Skye to have one since he's Vincent's love interest.

An ARC was provides to me in exchange for an honest review.