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Day Drunk

Day Drunk - Willow Scarlett A bit of a snippet in the life and day of Snake and Aish. Sammy is a novice photographer and Aish is a biomedical engineering student into the punk scene. The two are the best of friends but a drunken night at a heavy metal concert turns their a relationship to one of uncertainty at least on Snake's end. Snake is afraid a kiss has ruined their relationship and doesn't even want to address it, he hopes when Aish wakes he won't even remember.

It was an okay read but I really can't say I was that into it. I wish there has been more to the story besides the change between the two. Don't get me wrong I thought it was a fine read but it didn't give me that satisfied feel I get from most stories I read. I did pick up some new information I hadn't known before giving this book a read and did have to pull up google a time or two. I love picking up new stuff so kudos on that front.

The book made me a bit squeamish too. In particular the part with the broken bottle and Snake just being unconcerned that he got cut by one. The idea of being exposed to god knows what bacteria or diseases bugged me until the end of the story.

A free copy was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.