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Travel and Spice (Famous on the Internet, Book Two)

Travel and Spice (Famous on the Internet, Book Two) - Alina Popescu Dante is a travel blogger living up the life and soaking in the experience. While abroad on a traveling job he receives word that his high school reunion is coming up. Although he didn't have the best high school experience and he was bullied he still wants to attend. It's not all just about seeing his high school crush, Tommy, either. Tommy wouldn't even be there considering he was a year ahead of Dante (or so Dante tries to justify).

I enjoyed the story immensely I thought it was cute and sweet. Dante and Tommy were fun characters to get to know. Dante's career choice seemed cool and I'm glad he finally found someone that could respect and trust his career choice and character. I loved the jealousy exhibited by Tommy. The insecurity of Dante and the all around support displayed. It was heartwarming.

An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.