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Unexpected Powers (Gay M-Preg)

Unexpected Powers (Gay M-Preg) - Chris McHart This story about Ash and D was a nice mpreg paranormal/magic novel about a rescued, subjugated and now windowed mate of a vampire Master and the enforcer whom saved him. Other than mention of vampires, the monarchy and rarity of wizards, I wasn’t sure what other supernatural there were nor what powers the monarchy or D had. Were members of the monarchy vampires too? How did D and his team survive protecting their assignments from harm?

The novels takes us through Ash’s freedom and growth as a freed man whom has spent his life up to this point as a virtual prisoner to his parents prior to their voluntary sale of their son to his mistreating vampire mate. This was an accepted custom in our novel’s world and D and his friends work to change the laws around treatment of such mates. We are taken through Ash’s overcoming his conditioned training to become a strong man of his own rights and how D stays a true gentleman. The evolution of their relationship is well-conveyed and keeps a reader’s attention. Their actual sexual relationship – whether Ash or D is the pregnant one – is an interesting play on the strong dominant protector versus the previously submissive mate who proves to become a wizard at the point when D verbally declares his love to Ash. I think it would have been interesting if Ash started experiencing wizardry powers the moment D realizes his attraction and unwavering dedication to Ash and his well-being. It seems a bit cliché that Ash comes into his powers at the same time D verbally states his love. Does this mean that upon verbally declaring love, wizards come into their power? Or was it that wizards come into their power when they realize they are loved romantically?

Despite new questions that I am now curious about, this novel was well-paced and definitely worth reading. It makes you wonder if there was a book prior to this or if there will be a continuation which will provide additional answers.

To end, there were some editing/grammatical issues which threw me off whilst reading and decreased my understanding which I emailed to the author.

An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.