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Remaking Josh

Remaking Josh - Tami Veldura A very short 4 chapter story. Readers meet Josh who is still grieving his husband's passing three months later. Trying to put his grief and loss behind him he decided to take a trip up to their winter garden with his dog Anna. On his first night there, a half frozen stranger shows up on his cabin doorstep.

I won't go into too much detail since this is such a short read but Josh grief and him taking the first steps was mainly the focus. Which wasn't a bad thing. No one really likes moving on from losing someone they love. I thought it was a tough read because Josh was trying to find his footing and who comes along but Eli. The two aren't even really stuck together for a day before they're all over each other. I kind of wanted more of a buildup to romance that spoke of a long lasting relationship instead of the feeling of a fling to help start the healing.

A free copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.