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Unload (Loaded Book 3)

Unload (Loaded Book 3) - Casey Ashwood Max and Camden story. We meet these two in the previous books in the series. From the previous books we know that Max and Camden were previously acquainted and had a falling out. In this book we learn more about them and why they aren’t together.

Camden is feeling a bit restless with everyone around him finding someone and being in a relationship. When Jaco, his roommate, urges him to get out more he decides to find some social groups to join.

Max has become unsatisfied with his one night stand routines. After sleeping with an acquaintance who is married and feeling nothing, he’s given advice by his partner and friend, Sean. Sean suggests he change up his routine and ditch the one night stands that have become disappointing.

Max and Camden end up signing up for the same social group get together. The two come face to face after three years and the chemistry is just as strong as it was when they were together. But hurt feelings and a possible stalker seemed determine to keep them apart.

I thought this was a sweet story with a very low heat level. Everything was kind of neat and tidy from the stalker situation to Max and Camden finally confronting the other about what went wrong in their relationship. I felt the identity of the stalker and the tie to why he did what he did was overreaching. The guy had so much hate and it just felt off that he decided to target Max and Camden when there were more people involved in the catalysis that pushed the guy overboard. It was a good example of how stupid some criminals could be.

An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.