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Wet Heat

Wet Heat - R.D. Hero 4.5 stars

Lee doesn't want to mate or have kids. In fact, at forty-two, he's passed out of his heat and wants to continue his partying lifestyle with a product called "Wet Heat". Which draws the boys to him for a good time. His mother wants him to settle and even tries to hook him up with a beta who is almost looking for the same things Lee is.

Cain is a researcher for Wet Heat. He actually evaluates when Lee comes in for his test trials. Cain, is an alpha, that doesn't exactly act like an alpha should. He feels his alpha instincts come out whenever Lee is around though. When he gets his chance, he gives Lee a run for his money.

I enjoyed this immensely. I liked that the Lee and Cain didn't conform to the their classifications. Their behavior and actions was a nice change from the usual stories with alpha, betas and omegas. The plot was great and it was interesting how the author manages to center the problem around a certain strain of Wet Heat. I was a bit sad to see it was so short though.

Shane was a cute addition and i loved see his interaction with Lee. I'm hoping we'll see more of the characters in the future.