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Different Dynamics

Different Dynamics - Tamir Drake
Richard Packer is an omega hockey player (the first and only) on the road with his teammates to play a game when the starting stages of his heat hits him early. Thankfully he has his emergency pheromone blockers to help. It doesn't fully hit him until the game finishes up. He plans for a quiet night in with room service, hiding himself away from his teammates. Half of whom are alphas. But his night in doesn't go as planned and James, Richard's teammate and best friend ends up helping him. With the help of James, Richard's heat is more bearable. But other side effects present themselves and Dmitry Sokolov, another hockey player from another team, ends up also helping Richard through his heat.

I liked the premise. Getting to know Richard and learning about alphas, omegas and heat were all fascinating. I enjoyed what there was of the world and character building. I really wished it had been longer and readers could have gotten a more definitive plan of action/promise of a future from all the characters about their relationship. What was presented was too open-ended for me.

I'm not usually a fan of menages and have certain criterias for such books i have read/(ing) Different Dynamics was a book I didn't mind seeing some MMM in. In fact once it presented itself I started wishing there was more. The characters were all very likable and as I said before I wish this story had been longer just so we could a more developed relationship among the three characters.

The only issue I saw that bothered me was that James didn't have a last name. Richard and Dmitry both do but James is the odd man out. It bugged me and I kept thinking that was pretty inconsistent.

A review copy was provided to me in exchange for an honest review