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Ready For Love

Ready For Love - Stella Starling This is the first book in the Semper Fi, The Forever Faithful series. Before you give this a read I recommend you go back and read this authors entire backlist. The characters are kind of all linked together. For sure, I would suggest you read at least this author’s At Last, The Beloved series ([b:Be True|33874558|Be True (At Last, The Beloved Series Book 1)|Stella Starling|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1484625297s/33874558.jpg|54713396], [b:Be Mine|33985337|Be Mine (At Last, The Beloved Series, #2)|Stella Starling|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1485363120s/33985337.jpg|54978534], [b:Be Loved|34457919|Be Loved (At Last, The Beloved Series Book 3)|Stella Starling|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1488588418s/34457919.jpg|55554158]) books since readers meet the characters in this series in that series first. The At Last series are happening in concurrent to each other (the story unfold within the same time frame) so if you read one you should read them all and chronologically. If you read Be True (Book 1 in At Last) you should probably read All I Want (her standalone story) first. I didn’t and I felt like I ruined the story because it was alluded to in Be True how the couple, Elliot and Ash, ended up together. Of course they all can be read as standalone but work better together in my opinion.

Anyway, readers who read Be Loved (Book 3 in the At Last series) will remember Gabe Byrne, Brandon’s brother and Jake Hansen, the flight attendant that the Byrne brother’s mother had tried to set Brandon up on a blind date with (see Be Loved to read the blind date and get an intro to the Byrne family).

After the Gabe and Jake reconnect, they start hanging out with each other, just as friends. Jake has always had a crush on Gabe but Gabe is as straight as an arrow. Gabe is a hard addiction for Jake to kick and frankly he doesn’t really want to. Needless to say he does try and fails epically. Jake is talked into a night out on town with Gabe. Their time at a gay club changes things in their relationship. Before Gabe knows it he can’t stop thinking of Jake in a new light but fights it. When they start drifting Gabe knows he has to take action their relationship will be doomed.

I really enjoyed the story. I loved the chemistry and both Gabe and Jake were fun and nice characters. They were very likable. I loved seeing them go from friends to discovering what it all could be if they became more than that. I loved that they were so supportive each other and made their log distance relationship work.

An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.