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Macarons at Midnight

Macarons at Midnight - M.J. O'Shea, Anna  Martin It was a cute read. Tristan and Henry meet by chance when Tristan accidentally stumbles across Henry's bakery catches sight of Henry. Henry invites the guy in and the chemistry is sizzling between them. Everything looks smooth until it's discovered at Tristan's job who he's dating and his boss urges him to bring Henry to a work party so they can schmooze him into an official meeting with Henry's father. Things go from good to bad and Tristan doesn't know if Henry will give him another chance or leave him shattered.

Not a bad read, it just was a bit too sweet and fluffy for me. I liked reading about Tristan and Henry together. The way they were a bit like two teenagers, shy and a tad awkward trying to feel each other out and testing the waters. The recipes were a great bonus and made me want to test them out since they sound so good.