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Heart's Master

Heart's Master - Elizabeth Schechter I thought there were some unique aspects to this story but overall it didn't really hold my attention as i would have liked it to. Right off the bat I was intrigued by Steven and his situation, the dynamic he had with those around him. Then tragedy strikes and he find his world turned upside down. He has to relearn to live his life and come to terms with things that keep happening to him. Steven didn't particular have an easy journey of it, add to it he learns there is more to the world he lives in that he didn't know existed until his physically sustains permanent damage to his eyes. I did feel that too much was happening to Steven. I also felt a bit weird about how quickly he moved on from his friend death and how quickly the two decided to enter into a relationship.

I did get introduced to a new aspect of bdsm which was mummification bondage. I didn't know that was a thing until this book. The bdsm aspect was pretty light. Nick being a switch was interesting and a bit mind blowing to me since you don't usually get the see the dom actually submit to their sub.

A free copy was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.