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Brad's Bachelor Party - River Jaymes 1.5 stars

The blurb pretty much sums up what the whole story is about. Brad and Cole has a little skirmish in college and Cole leaves. A few years later he receives a call from Brad distressed about his brother being in a car accident. Skip three years to the present and it's four days before Brad's wedding day. Cole is the best man so has to plan out the bachelor party. A night before the bachelor party, Brad kisses Cole and Cole leaves. The night of the Bachelor party Brad goes a bit further and gets them both off. The night before Brad's to tie the knot, they have sex. When Cole confronts Brad for the last time about why he would marry Jenny, it becomes clear to Cole that Brad and him will never become a couple and bids Brad farewell. Brad becomes conflicted and is now left with the choice to either marry and be financially safe or go after Cole and be unemployed.

Brad and Cole were a bit hard to like. Brad was certainly an asshole as Cole professed him to be and his attitude and treatment of Cole was horrible. Cole, the poor sap just took it all. I understand that it was how they showed camaraderie between the two but it just felt a bit hurtful watching the two. I did like the ending and thought it was cute.

I'm not much for cheating of any kind (m/f, m/m, etc) and I might have enjoyed the book a bit more if there wasn't any cheating in it. For a good amount of my book all I could think was that Brad was horrible for stringing along someone while pursuing a great friend.