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Dallas in Wonderland

Dallas in Wonderland - Julie Lynn Hayes M/M take on Alice in wonderland. Like the original a lot bizarre events occur to Dallas. It all starts after Dallas dumps his cheating boyfriend, Quentin. Like the blurb says he moves out and into a old Victorian mansion. It's there he meets the mysterious Dr. Samuel Levi, who doesn't appear to be a real doctor and apparently as Dallas later finds out, he isn't even a tenant in the mansion. The good doctor has weird timely chance meetings with Dallas, almost stalker-ishly so, and usually takes place with weird events involving Dallas.

From there the story just goes out of whack. Readers (or maybe just me?) aren't sure what's happening. Is Dallas hallucinating or is he really in a magical world transported there by/with Samuel. Which poses another question is Samuel the Mad Hatter using the disguise of the White Rabbit or is he a really messed up version of The White Rabbit? Also is he suppose to be Dallas' white knight or is he a black knight in disguise? (am I over analyzing this?)

As for the chemistry between Dallas and Samuel, it just didn't feel very strong. Dallas was always lost in a daze of lust when Samuel was around so there really wasn't too much relationship building going on. To add to that Samuel kept on popping in and out while Dallas was trying to navigate the new world that he was exposed to. Samuel didn't try to stick with him and show him the sights like a lover is suppose to but just left Dallas to his own devices regardless the danger. It doesn't exactly shout the start of a loving relationship to me.

The ending, while interesting, left me with a whole slew of new questions. I'm hoping Julie quickly writes up the next installment so I can find out what the heck Samuel and Quentin are cooking up and what the heck is really happening with Dallas.

I have to give the author props for making a very unique version of Wonderland. I definitely was surprised at seeing some pop culture references/icons popping up here and there.