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Bone to Pick

Bone to Pick - T.A. Moore Bourneville was my favorite character of the book. I loved the interaction she had with Clositer and the interpretation of her behavior. I enjoyed getting to know Cloister and Javi. They were interesting enough and I was really curious about Cloisters background and his family. I wish the author had delved in deeper. I really hope there will be another book.

The Foxling Soldati

The Foxling Soldati - Charlie Cochet It was too short I enjoyed it so much I didn't want it to end!

Remaking Josh

Remaking Josh - Tami Veldura A very short 4 chapter story. Readers meet Josh who is still grieving his husband's passing three months later. Trying to put his grief and loss behind him he decided to take a trip up to their winter garden with his dog Anna. On his first night there, a half frozen stranger shows up on his cabin doorstep.

I won't go into too much detail since this is such a short read but Josh grief and him taking the first steps was mainly the focus. Which wasn't a bad thing. No one really likes moving on from losing someone they love. I thought it was a tough read because Josh was trying to find his footing and who comes along but Eli. The two aren't even really stuck together for a day before they're all over each other. I kind of wanted more of a buildup to romance that spoke of a long lasting relationship instead of the feeling of a fling to help start the healing.

A free copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

Bridle the Unicorn

Bridle the Unicorn - Emmi Lawrence The last chapter made me unexplained mad. I toughed out the entire book (which was slow and didn't exactly have anything exciting about it) to find out what was special about the building, why the events had unfolded as it was to make Roan so confused and Ari's part in it all just for the story to unfold as it did. I usually love self sacrifice stories and fantasy is a favorite genre but this one just didn't work for me. I didn't hate or like Ari throughout the story but by the end I absolutely hated him. I hated that he didn't have any repercussions for his actions. I didn't feel any sympathy empathy for Ari? Oh Boohoo someone he loved forgot him, oh woe is me, he kept looking at his situation so negatively. Blah blah blah. His actions led to his choices. After he got tired or bored of his current scenario he decides to fix the issues he incited through bad choices and drags Roan into it. Not to mention that his intentions toward Roan was horribly evil. I hate that four years were stolen from everyone in the building. That Roan forgave so easily and Ari didn't really answer for anything. He was literally rewarded for being bad. I don't really care that he was just 23yrs old and practically a screw up. In the end Ari got what he wanted and he didn't really have to pay a price. There's I lot I can say about Ari but I think I've already said enough. Before the ending I would have gave this a 2.5-3 but having finished I think it deserves a 1.5. The plot was the only saving grace. If the focus hadn't been on the mystery of Roan's oddity and memory loss, the building and Ari's charm I would have given this story up completely. The author put just enough intrigue into it which kept me curious.

An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

Year One

Year One - Amy Tasukada More or less short splice of life stories featuring Sato and Aoi, their relationship/ interaction as a couple in private and public and the strains on their relationship. Through these short stories readers get to know Sato and Aoi i.e. their personality, their careers, culture and how society views their relationship.

I've read Manga and yaoi novels for years and this really read more or less like one shots. It didn't really whet my appetite and sadly I found it a bit boring. This was my first book by this author and I kind of wished I started with a different book.

An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

Eye Candy

Eye Candy - Amanda Young This was a short but well-written clearly laid out novel of high school lovers that separated tragically and reunited later in life. The story seemed short but I don’t think it could’ve been put together any better. All the scenes and dialogue worked seamlessly and gave the reader enough details to build a sense of intimacy with the reader whilst at the same time holding the reader thirsty for more.

Jake is the top who is jaded by the trauma he was put through when they separated in high school. Kane is hoping to reunite the relationship he has never forgotten. Brock is Kane’s son who plays a pivotal role in setting up situation(s) to bring the two lovers back together. Jimmy plays a pivotal role in helping Jake realize that Kane is more than willing to stand up for Jake and in such, eliminating the last doubts that Jake has about getting back together with Kane.

I love the turn of jaded man-whore and learning the depth of Jake’s character despite his one-night stand ways and then turning to seeing a man who is wearing armor to protect his tender romantic heart. Kane is the stalwart gentleman who made a mistake(s) as a scared teenager and who has grown up to be an admirable responsible handsome man.

The love scenes are steamy and tinged with an air of sensuality and rosy je-ne-sais-quoi that just makes the reader’s heart go squee. Logan and Aaron are cute supporting characters and the dialogue between them makes Jake’s initially jaded adult heart yearn for what he has lost.

A free copy was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.


Blackthorne - Sadie Sins Enjoyed the world building. Daniel and Mason were interesting characters and I enjoyed the tension between them. The love hate relationship added a lot of spice to the story but it did get a bit repetitive. Mason's parents were pretty damn shitty. Well Daniel's family came pretty close too. There family life was quite dysfunctional it made me a bit sad.

All My Broken Pieces

All My Broken Pieces - Hollis Shiloh Timothy (Tim) Nichols is a slightly deformed shifter working with the police department for the last ten years. He's content with his life even if it means being ridiculed by his coworkers and barely making ends meet. That changes when Aaron Knowlton, an observer from shifter and partner program, arrives to evaluate the department Tim is employed by. The evaluation doesn't go well for the department and Tim has to become certified.

The night before Tim's to arrive at the facility for the program he decides to scratch an itch. He picks up, Levi Cardwell, the two have quite a lovely time together. When they part way Tim doesn't expect the two to meet again. Unbeknownst to the two is that they're both enrolled for the same certification program. Tim thinks he knows how to handle the awkward surprise. Levi has his own thoughts on the situation and how he'll like to handle it.

I thought this was quite a cute read. I loved Tim for being so straightforward. He made me laugh so hard when approached Levi and said what he did. Levi's reaction was pretty priceless. Tim's self image and confidence were will portrayed and it was a feeling we all have felt at one time in our life.

I was glad seeing Tim having such a great support team composed of Levi and Kieran. I also like that total strangers he came across were more than willing to accept him as he was.

The PT portion towards the end made me feel said for Tim. I could understand the amount of pain he was in and could really relate to him. It made me cry a little and I enjoyed it immensely.

A free copy was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

The Wolf and the King

The Wolf and the King - Tami Veldura 3.5 stars

A really short rushed read with not much world building. Kaleb is a tiger shifter, prince and next in line to be king. The only obligation he had to perform before taking the throne is marriage. He wants to marry for love and that means finding his true mate. The regent and head advisor is pushing Kaleb to mate with any high ranking noble. When Kaleb meets the eye a of his true mate during a procession in the kingdom he can't help but be drawn even though it turns out his mate is a low class/rank wolf shifter. But before the two can even get close to each other Kaleb is rushed away and Parker, his mate, is barred from getting close to the royal. Parker can't give up though and will do anything to get to his mate.

I wanted this to be longer, I was a tad bored at the start. The book is only about five chapters though so the events unfold quickly. There wasn't any time to get to know the characters well or get a really good hold on how society in this world is. Readers just know that tigers are on top and wolves are on the bottom tier in society. The hierarchy was what intrigued me about the story and I wished the author had more time to delve into it. The chemistry didn't hurt either. I liked that Kaleb and Parker just couldn't help themselves when they came into contact. Overall not a bad read to pass the time and there were some really intriguing tidbits and beliefs about the world the author spun in this story.

An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

Duty, Honor, Sacrifice

Duty, Honor, Sacrifice - Angela S. Stone A must read.

I found this story about Logan Weber and Chris Muller to be a relatively well-written story with a captivating plot and somewhat funny and entertaining characters.

The beginning was interesting and grabbed my attention from the get go. The relationship between Logan and Chris and the initial mention of older man/ younger man confused me quite a bit but the writing style was so good, I kept on reading and it all came together about a quarter of the way through. I especially love the supernatural / psychic powers the characters have and how the author explained and weaved this into the story.

Noel, Chris’ little boy, was crafted as such a strong, resilient and happy 5 year old that he served as another pivotal character you just couldn't stop reading the novel just to find out more about.

The love story between Chris and Logan, once you found out their history and their backgrounds, was well written and touching. The love scenes were steamy and their overall love story and interaction just makes your heart pitter patter along with them. The supporting characters in the story are strong and well defined and add extra layers to the story. The author really made me feel like the other novels in this series are an absolute must-read while still making this novel stand in its own.

A free copy was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

Demon Arms: A Shifter / Sorcerer Romance (The Paranormal Academy For Troubled Boys Book 1)

Demon Arms: A Shifter / Sorcerer Romance (The Paranormal Academy For Troubled Boys Book 1) - Sadie Sins, Sadie Sins I really liked the mate aspect of this all. There was great sexual tension between Wylie and Dorian. It was a fun read and I was never bored, in fact I couldn't put it down. I enjoyed the world and character building and learning about the environment and school.

Hell for the Company: Brimstone 1 (The Horns & Halos Series)

Hell for the Company: Brimstone 1 (The Horns & Halos Series) - Angel Martinez, Erika O Williams Anti-gravity cows were quite intriguing to read about. As for the story it was quite a quick read/listen. It didn't really grab and hold onto my attention as I would have liked it to have. I felt very detached from all the characters. Shax back story and why he left earth was in it's own way absorbing as was Ness's. I appreciated the author trying to inject some humor into the story and that there's no definite line between good and evil.

The narration was great. It was well paced and cleanly and clearly projected. I liked the personality Vance Bastian, the narrator, injected into each character and the distinction he made between each character. He really helped to bring the characters to life.


Splinter - E.  Davies Nicolas (Nico) Rogers is a park ranger enjoys living a sedate life away from society. After a successfully short career as a astronaut due to injury he's finally found something that suits him. In comes Deen Jayse, a popular and well loved rock star, trying to keep on the down low following a scandal that could have blown up in his face. The attraction between the two is immediate and electric. While Nico is interested he wants to keep his distance knowing Deen's type and frankly he doesn't want to risk getting hurt emotionally. Add to the fact that he has a job to do and an arsonist to catch. Deen would love nothing more than to pursue things with Nico, but knows he shouldn't. There's a reason he's spending time in the Smokies and it isn't to pick up sexy park rangers and have his wicked way with them.

A great start to a new series and everything you expect from the first in the series. It had a good skeletal structure introducing Nico and through him his five significant brothers: Roman, Blane, Dustin, Josh and and Tyler and explains the series title. I enjoyed getting to know Nico and Deen and seeing their interaction together. I wish there had been more details on the significant brothers but am looking forward to seeing each story.

An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

Keltair's Ride (Hunt for the Shadowmakers Book 1)

Keltair's Ride (Hunt for the Shadowmakers Book 1) - Wolfen M. 3.0-3.5 stars

Keltair of Lightshollow is a thief. His other occupations is entertainer/prostitute when needed. His companion is Dulaine, a puca/shapeshifter. Readers meet them as they are completing a job and about to start another. Enlisted by Farrell, Keltair's handler and guildmaster. They're next job is to retrieve a ring from a wealthy retired entertainer. But Beglan, their client isn't all he seems. Dulaine is wary of Beglan because he can't read him whereas Keltner is quite taken by the innocent looking young man.

The story was more interesting than I thought it was going to be. When I started it I wasn't so sure I was going to like it then Keltair started the job and on the first night out on the road they come into trouble and that pretty much cinched it for me. The book is relatively short. The whole crew wasn't as bad as they came off as. Dulaine may have been my favorite character in the story and his feelings toward Beglan colored my thoughts.

A free copy was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

Looking For Love (Semper Fi, The Forever Faithful Series) (Volume 2)

Looking For Love (Semper Fi, The Forever Faithful Series) (Volume 2) - Stella Starling A great addition to the series. This story focuses on Zach Hunter, who readers first meet in Gabe and Jake's story "Ready For Love (Semper Fi, The Forever Faithful Series Book 1)". Zach has been looking to settle down but he's finding it hard to find "the one" but he hasn't given up hope. His elderly neighbor is also praying that he'll meet the one.

Micah Finn Rawlings use to blind but after a successful operation, a year ago, his relative small world has become huge. He has to relearn the things that come so easily for individuals who have always had sight. During one of his outing to people watch, he catches sight of Zach and can't help but be drawn to him. Before he knows it, he finds himself literally falling down at Zach's feet. Zach being the help and caring medic, comes to Micah's aid.

This was a wonderful read and I loved getting to see little tidbits of Jake and Gabe. Reading the view and perception of the world from Micah's standpoint was quite refreshing and very thought provoking. Micah's family and Zach's supportive friends were all awesome and made the story even more enjoyable. I hated Janae and I just wanted to shake Zach for falling for her trickery.

A free copy was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

Sins of the Father (Wilde Love Book 2)

Sins of the Father (Wilde Love Book 2) - Sam Burns Keegan Quinn is the son of a powerful mob boss. He use to partake in the business until a tragic event forced him out of the family business. Keegan is now the upstanding owner of a restaurant. However, that doesn't stop the FBI from dropping by to conduct interviews to see if Keegan will give up any information about his father.

Agent Jon Brookfield is tasked with the interviews and checking out leads. He doesn't expect Keegan to a gorgeous specimen of a man. He also doesn't expect to be threatened with a date.

Jon can't help the pull he feels toward Keegan and decided he wants to pursue a relationship with Keegan. That means giving up his position on the team investigating Keegan's father. Just as their relationship is blossoming. Keegan's father becomes ill, an ex comes out of the wood works, and a rival group comes out to test the Quinn's mob.

I liked this story. I liked that loyalty was the main theme of things and that family was projected as important. I loved the family dynamic between Keegan and his family, his friends and his staff. I likes that Jon was so protective of Keegan after only knowing him for a short time. Jon's family being so cool with Jon decision about Keegan and his family was cool.

A free copy was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.