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Nocturnal Creatures

Nocturnal Creatures - Zen Larsson A free copy of this book was given to me in exchange for an honest review.

Alex is a 19yr old neko in college who has a crush on the most hottest guy in school who he thinks will never notice him. Victor is 142 yr old vampire with the appearance of a 18 yr old who attends the same school as Alex. Unknown to Alex, Victor has noticed him and is intrigued by him. So when Victor asks Alex out, Alex can't help but jump at the chance.

From the blurb I was expecting more character and relationship development. I missed seeing the romance buildup between Alex and Victor since they had such a whirlwind romance. Their relations moved really quickly. Victor' proposal within the first few pages seemed a little crazy to me (I did like the idea of it though). I felt like I missed something and was reading from the middle.

I felt like there was no sense of time in the even though the author mentioned a month passed here or a few months over there. This gave the feeling of the story being rushed and not being paced.

The whole vampire and neko thing was interesting. Alex getting through what happened to him really grabbed my attention and I was curious about what would happen their daughter and her development.

When the Stars Go Cold

When the Stars Go Cold - Destiny Kyle At the start it was confusing but as the story unfolded everything was coming together.

In the prologue Gerard is married to Avin. In chapter 1 which takes place three months later Gerard's brother is planning to marry Avin, who has been avoiding Gerard.

Avin is a bearer and marrying one is considered a great honor. Avin is engaged to Akond for 6 years and their wedding is continously being placed on hold/rescheduled because of issues on both sides. Fed up with it, Avin makes a rash decision and ends it with Akond. Avin finds himself in a peculiar situation with his heat just days away. He's scrambling to find a partner. Gerard, is Akond's half brother and good friend to Avin. When he finds a distressed Avin crying he comforts/talks to him. When Avin suggests Gerard can help him out, their relationship develops into something neither expected. The story spans their ten year relationship

When I read the prologue and then started the first chapter I wasn so sure this would be a story I wouldn't be able to finish. I'm really glad I stuck it out though to see how Avin and Gerard's relationship became so tattered.

I wanted to know more about the Dragonwanderer. It seemed like a very cool ship.

The ending was nice. I wish Avin could have firmly put Akond in his place because he was a douche bag . But I was glad to see Avin finally tell him off. I really liked this story and hope to see more by this author.


Bait - Lissa Ford An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

Opposites attract in the form of Danny O'Prey, an FBI agent and Alexi Romanov, an leather bar owner/ex-gangbanger. Danny was the bait that was suppose to entrap Alexi. It worked but in turn made the two realize that there's an magnetic attraction between the two. But it's important the two find the mastermind of the extortion ring before they go to ground taking their victims with them, ruins their life and expose their relationship.

The plot was good, I did wish there was just a tad more action involved. For me the amount of romance/lust worked. I liked that the author built up the MCs and the progression of their relationship was very natural albeit a bit whirlwind-ish. I don't usually like reading stories set in places I know since I nitpick at the accuracy of the places/traveling systems. This book didn't change my mind on that and the inaccuracy of somethings just lowered my reading pleasure.

I did like the last two chapters in particular. I love the thought of giving up someone to make sure they don't have any regrets and this really worked here. I'm looking forward to seeing what the next installments have for readers.

There was a part in Chap13 the author should look into regarding Alexi wrists being bound by one of Danny's hand while he's feeling up Alexi...and Alexi somehow reaches his bound hands to feel Danny up?

Imperfect Thing Called Love

Imperfect Thing Called Love - Yanir Dekel I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

The book details the journey of the author navigating the ups and downs of life and personal growth.
As the story progresses we see where the MC and Eric's relationship went wrong, the thoughts and relations with individuals in his life. The pitfalls of dating. How blogging and therapy helped him to get to know himself better.

There wasn't anything in particular that really stood out to me in the book. I did think there was a bit of a stereotype against gay individuals in the story but that might have just been how I interpreted it. I liked that the MC seemed to see both sides of an issues. I also liked that he got to see himself and what issues he had.


Crunch - E.  Davies An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

Floyd wand Greyson were interesting characters. I was curious about Floyd and his situation involving abuse and his history on the force. Floyd was introduced in book two and he never appeared to give off a "I use to be a cop" vibe. Greyson, too, was appealing and he piqued my interest with his scars and why he was forced out of the police force.

Greyson trying to play the field after his reunion with Floyd was interesting. I liked that he was fighting his instinct to be with just Floyd after their explosive kiss but it all kind of backfiring on him. The chemistry was great between the two. I liked that there was buildup between the two.

It was intriguing reading about the tattoo process and care. I've never gotten one myself or stepped into a tattoo parlor so this was a bit of an experience reading about it.

I did find some inconsistencies in the story that I informed the author about.

Keyed In (Coastal Charm Book 2)

Keyed In (Coastal Charm Book 2) - Casey Ashwood An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

Cody and Sebastian were likable characters and there was good relationship development between the two. Cody trying to keep control of his reactions to Sebastian was cute. I would have liked to see Jack put up more of an effort to mend the relationship between him and Sebastian.

During the coitus moments the dialogue sounded really corny and somewhat pornish. I also had issues with differentiating what was suppose to be a text message between Cody and Sebastian from the normal dialogue when it appeared in the story.

Breakers of the Code

Breakers of the Code - C.B. Archer This was a very long story (743 pages in pdf) and it took me a while to get into it. The characters and/or scenes were funny and somewhat annoying. A lot of the characters were very sexed up. Seriously, I think every chapter had at least one sexual encounter involved. The bosses were fun to learn and see about. That being said I think it started becoming a very tedious read towards the end even though it turned out to be an entertaining read.

Starting out I really thought this was a weird book. I like playing rpgs but reading a characters experience with(in) one was just odd and to be truthful not as enjoyable as playing and seeing the story unfold myself. I also thought Ander's may have picked up a hentai rpg instead of a normal rpg.

The writing was very descriptive. It was helpful in helping me to visualize what was happening and how the characters might have looked. Although the length of the bosses or NPC ...umm...nether regions were a bit more tricky and scary to think about.

There were a lot of questions raised about why Ander seemed to be the only one to be experiencing these unfortunate (or well maybe fortunate to Anders) turn of events involving the enemy and NPCs to want to assault him sexually. I liked that the author managed to answer all those questions that popped up while I was reading in the story. Although I'm still unsure why Anders broke (unless the Pink slime caused it to happen?)

I don't recommend this to anyone who wants romance since this isn't that type of book. However if you like erotica (and elves) this is definitely a book to give a read.

He Melted Us

He Melted Us - Ofelia Gränd A copy of this story was given to me in exchange for an honest review.

3.5 stars

Delron at first seemed foolish to me. He thought his relationship was over and someone stole his happiness because the padlock that symbolized their commitment to each other was one of the 2000 stolen. Readers could get a sense of how insecure he was. He was a sentimentalist and I never did suffer them very well.

Phillipe on the other was more calm about the matter. It almost seem callous of him since he didn't see the lock as Delron did. He had no attachment to the lock, he believed that they were secure in their feelings toward each other. But Delron behavior starts to worry Phillipe. In the process, Phillipe starts believing he's not enough for Delron.

There was a lot of frustration toward Delron for me. His single-mindedness concerning the lock was disturbing and he should have listened to Phillipe. He was selfish and it showed in his action.I didn't enjoy the ending since their issues weren't exactly solved. They barely talked. I expected some psychology to be involved and this fell a little short for me.


Table for One

Table for One - Ava Hayden 2.5 stars

I felt it ended too abruptly. I was kind of expecting a little more. It's pretty much summed up in the blurb and doesn't divert at all from it. We get to know the characters, what went wrong in their relationship and them just talking it out.

It just didn't work for me as a Valentine's read.

Searching For Shelter

Searching For Shelter - Morticia Knight A free copy of this book was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

The book starts off with Rich be assaulted/felt up by his third -possibly second- worst date ever. Finally getting the guy off him. Rick retreats to his rented room and where readers learn that he just wants to find love. Tired of guys just wanting to get off, Rick has determined not give those type of guys a chance anymore. When a regular customer at the coffee shop he works at invites him out. Rich politely shoots him down.

Diego Espinoza has had a crush on Rich for a while but hasn't been able to work up the nerve to ask him out until after he overhears Rich and one of Rich's his co-worker talking about Rich's potential love life. That lights a fire under his ass and he finally takes initiative, only to have Rich politely shoot him down. But Diego wants a relationship with Rich, and won't go until he gets an agreement.

I liked that Diego was so understanding and willing to support Rich and encourage him to do the things he liked. The danger presented in the book was really subtle. I was expecting more of an impact danger-wise whereas the focus was more on the relationship development. Which in a way allowed readers to come across that there was danger as the as Rich himself did.

Detective for the Dragon

Detective for the Dragon - Kellan Larkin An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

Nolan Vulpenn is a PI and fox shifter. In walks rockstar, Jared Scorch to hire the him to investigate his wife (maybe soon to be ex-wife), Natasha Gray, whom he suspects is cheating. Right off the bat Nolan feels some attraction to Jared but chalks it up to celebrity charm. Jared is also drawn to Nolan.

I felt there was so many contradictions in the story. First off, I didn't quite understand how Natasha could destroy Jared. Jared himself said she had a dying career (it was the reason given to Nolan when he was hired). Jared, himself has a pretty big following with how he was signed to a pretty big record company.

Jared was worried about his career tanking but when he told Nolan he needed him and wanted to start a relationship. His worry for his career flew out the window. He was pretty aggressive to Nolan who was trying to look out for Jared's career by rejecting him.

Then there was the thing with Nolan, in which, Nolan didn't want his pictures
used to help Jared with his divorce/career. How else was proof suppose to be taken if not by some sort of recording? I understand he didn't feel good about his pictures being presented to the public to help destroy someone's life. But for a detective that claimed to be in the business for years, he sure didn't seem like he had much of a backbone for the business.

Another weird instance I had with the book was when Nolan and Jared went to Mama Cordelia for a checkup. She couldn't determine the sex of the babies. But on the next night Nolan's water broke and he birthed the babies... The gestation period was a month for a fox shifter so I suppose this could have happened? I just couldn't wrap my head around it though.

The ending was cute and I did like the story ignoring the issues I came across.

Vixen's Valor

Vixen's Valor - Charlie Cochet I wasn't really a fan of Vixen. The first few chapters I just thought he was up to no good even when his intentions seemed otherwise. Vale. I liked and I wish Vixen could live up to him, not to say Vixen didn't have his good points but his bad points also weighed in equally.

The story was nice and I liked the ending but the story didn't really grip my attention. The King of Frost gifting Rudy and Vixen was the best part to me.

Catch a Tiger by the Tail

Catch a Tiger by the Tail - Charlie Cochet First off I want to say that the cover was really fitting. The description of Calvin in the book about how young he looked was spot on in the cover. Before I even cracked the book open I though the representation of Calvin looked young.

I loved that the book had me laughing so much. Sloane and Dex were a riot and the bet was one of my favorite parts of the book. Learning what coffee does to Cael was a lot of fun. In fact the whole moving day was lovely.

The ending kind of had me regretting reading this so far from the release of the next book (whenever that might be) . It was a bit of a cliffhanger and up to that point I thought it had been pretty tame with the issues with Calvin and Hector.

Rafe issues made me a little sad especially after the Hobbs family had their little heart to heart.

I love the emotional coaster ride I was chucked into. The good times/fun times, the pity party and sad revelations. I'm really looking forward to the next book in the series.

Square Pegg, Round Hole

Square Pegg, Round Hole - S.N. Kat I liked how cool everyone was towards Aaron and Tyler. Tyler's friend were support and a nice sight. It was a fun sweet read albeit everything came together too quickly.


Dashed - Gwynn Marssen At first I thought Dash infuriating and Ciaran a whiner but as I kept reading they just became a adorable couple. I really liked seeing their relationship develop and seeing them get a long and change for each other. Well a better person in Dash's case and a making Ciaran a stronger person.

An Unexpected Acquisition

An Unexpected Acquisition - L.L. Bucknor It was a really cute story. I really liked reading the relationship development between Jonathan and Rafi. They had good chemistry and fun banter.